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Q: How much does it cost for ordering custom t-shirt? 

A: Pan N’ Panda pricing is based on four components.

Type - which garments are ordered.  We offer a wide choice of Cotton T-shirts, Dry-Fit T-shirts, Polos, Sweaters, Hoodies, Baseball Jackets, Wind-Breaker.  For t-shirts, we have more than 10 styles for selection.
Quantity - the number of garments you order with the same design.
Colors - the number of colors in your design.
Locations - the amount and locations of printing on the garment.

Q: Is there a minimum t-shirt order quantity?

A: There is no minimum quantity for all regular items offer by Pan N’ Panda. Yet, price will be cheaper for larger quantity.

Q: What factors affect my t-shirt pricing?
A: Major factors as below: 

Type:  The brands Pan N’ Panda carries vary in price, but we use our purchasing power to get you the best possible deal on blank apparel. We buy all over the country and do so in large quantities. 
Quantity: Our printing process dictates that if you order a greater quantity of shirts, you’ll save money. It’s simply less expensive for Pan N’ Panda to set up and print a large number of the same design than it is to set up and print a small number of a single design.
Colors: The process of screen printing requires us to make a separate screen for every color in your design. The fewer colors in your design, the less expensive producing the design becomes for us and for customers. Digital printings are not limited to quantity and less color limitations but with higher price.
Locations: Each printing location on a piece of apparel (i.e. front, back, sleeve, etc.) demands a specific set-up in order to execute. Therefore, multiple printing locations on your apparel will raise the price.
Other factors that can affect your overall pricing include:
Special printing color such as gold and silver paint, reflective, florescent and glitter materials. Adding individual player names and numbers will increase the cost of your shirts as well.

Q: Any tips for making my t-shirts less expensive?

A: Check out the following tips

Use a cheaper t-shirt: We have a wide choice of t-shirts and there are different price level to suit your budget.

Use fewer design colors: The screen printing process requires us to make a separate screen for each color in your design. The less screens we have to make, the less expensive it is to print your apparel.
Choose a cheaper full color printing technology: Select heat transfer instead of inkjet for full color prints

Increase order size: The more shirts of the same design that you order, the less expensive it is for Pan N’ Panda to produce them. Since each printing location means a new set up; dividing this cost among many shirts rather than just one or a few means savings per unit for you.prints.

Decrease printing locations: The fewer prints Pan N’ Panda has to set up for one apparel order, the less expensive that apparel will be for the customer. Each printing location on a garment requires separate set up, so printing just on the front of a shirt versus printing on the front and back will reduce your overall cost.

Q: How much is the delivery charge?

A: Pan N’ Panda use SF express shipping to Hong Kong, Macau and some other Asian countries.  For order over 30 pcs, delivery charge will be waived for Hong Kong and Macau orders. 


Q: What types of garment printing does Pan N’ Panda offer?

A: Currently there are 5 technologies

Screen Printing - Traditional way of printing, cheapest application, good for larger quantity and less colors

Digital Heat Transfer - A type of digital printing, sticker like kind of printing method, allowing full color with small quantity, non-breathable

Direct Inkjet (DTG) - A type of digital printing operates like the inkjet printing (Direct To Garment) you use at home, full color with good quality, bad part is this printing application is rather expensive.

Dye Sublimation - Another type of digital application which uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric.  Currently only working on polyester.

Embroidery - In fact, this is not printing.  It is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn

Q: What method of garment printing should I use?

A: It depends on your requirement

For small quantity: DTG or Heat Transfer

For bulk order with price concern: Silk Screen Printing

For full color printing: DTG, Heat Transfer or Dye Sublimation

For special effect: Heat Transfer, Embroidery

For allover printing designs: Dye Sublimation

Q: What resolution should I use when uploading my t-shirt design for printing?
A: For vector based files like, ai. eps, cdr, the only point you have to take care is to convert the text into lines.  For bitmap files, 
like jpg, png, ps, please make sure your files are saved at original size with 300dpi to ensure best printing results.

Q: What is the ”maximum print area” for my t-shirt design?
A: The limitation on print size varies according to printing technologies.

Screen Printing - W32cm x H40cm

Digital Heat Transfer - Unlimited x 45cm, limitation based on the t-shirt, yet, currently we offer max print size at 30 x 45cm

Direct Inkjet (DTG) - A3 in common terms, yet, the technical limitation is W58cm x H90cm

Dye Sublimation - The size of your t-shirt (for allover sublimation ONLY)

Embroidery - Approximately at W20 x H20 cm, depends on the item

Q: Can I print on the sleeves of my shirt?
A: The answer is yes, however, there are different limitations for different printing technologies.


Q: How long does it takes for my t-shirt order?
A: Our standard lead time is 11 days (7 working days for production and 1-3 days for courier delivery).  For urgent orders, please contact our sales representatives.  For orders with huge quantity or rather complicated works, it might take longer.

Q: What kind of delivery methods does Pan N’ Panda offer?

A: All goods are ship out directly from our Guangzhou production facilities

Q: Where can I collect the order?

A: As goods are shipped directly from factory, we do not recommend to pick up at our showroom.

1) Non-remote commercial address

2) S.F. StoresS.F. Express Service Centers/ EF Lockers 

3) Our Showroom  (Delivery charge still apply for insufficient quantity orders)

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