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T shirt design tips for rookies

We create this blog for those who do not know much about design but are going to make some print tees for whatever occasions. So, there is no need for you to know anything about tee design.

Before we start, let's explore what to work on. Of course, doing a research would be our 1st step. Let see where we can find all these useful resources and tools. If you have time, read it through, or you can simple jump to the last section to learn about some easy tools.


Tip 1 Keywords

As long as you have ideas, there is always a way to find the design concept. It is not necessary coming from a designer.

Example: If you are creating a t shirt for Food Society, it is quite obvious you would think of words like food, spoon, fork, chopsticks, Any kind of food, utensils, tableware etc……

Tip 2 Check out different kind of t-shirts styling

Here is some reference, College style, play with logo, Chinese Fonts

Pinterest - Search "t shirt design inspiration ideas"

ZCool - A platform for inland Chinese designers to publish their works

teepublic - A web sales t-shirt company

Shutterstock - Possibly the large stock photo and graphics web page

farfetch - A web selling all premium fashion brands

Tip 3 Find useful resources

Stock Photos

Free Vector Images

Latin Fonts

Chinese Fonts


Tip 4 Logo Maker

I have try many logo maker. Among all of them, this is the easiest. You simply have to type in your entity name and slogan, the program AI will generate many choices.

Let's play with the following example

Self Generate

Entity: Food Society

Keywords: Steak

Keywords: Fork, Spoon

Keywords: Spoon, WIFI


The program comes with some basic editing functions, like coloring, position, size, fonts......But the resolution is too low, further professional editing will probably required if you intend to use the design on your t-shirt.

Before Edit

After Edit

Tip 5 Mock Ups - No special skill requires, just upload your artwork and the program will generate the mock ups

Try it yourself and see if it helps。

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1 comentário

Cameron Novak
Cameron Novak
17 de set. de 2023

Thanks for the great ideas and resources. The custom shirt trek continues!

Keep up the great work!

Cameron in Corona

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